21ST Century Scientists Working Group

April 7th 2016

Upcoming talk: Katy Heath

(Note the room change for our meeting tomorrow)

Speaker: Katy Heath

Amplify the Signal: A graduate course on broader impacts

Friday, April 8th at noon

Room 209A Davenport Hall


Expertise in the broader impacts of scientific research is an increasingly important aspect of professional development, particularly because federal grant proposals are commonly reviewed using both the Intellectual Merit and the Broader Impacts criteria. Unfortunately, training in broader impacts is not typically part of undergraduate or graduate curricula. Dr. Heath (Plant Biology) initiated one of the first graduate-level biology courses on broader impacts. Students in this interdisciplinary course learned from experts, wrote for a broad audience about their own research, and proposed and implemented outreach in collaboration with local organizations. Dr. Heath will be presenting and leading a discussion on the goals, format, and outcomes of a graduate course she ran in 2012 focused on grantwriting, design, and implementation of science communication and informal outreach.