21ST Century Scientists Working Group

January 23rd 2017

Important dates for the spring semester

We had our first meeting of the semester  and have some dates for you to put on your calendar.

Our spring workshop will be April 7. It’s going to be awesome and we hope to see you all there.

We have planned three journal clubs – remember, you can come even if you haven’t read the article! These will happen Feb 6, March 13, and April 10 from noon-1pm in ERML 138.

Come by and say hi!

January 13th 2017

Spring semester meeting times

This semester, 21sci will meet 12-1pm on Mondays in ERML (Madigan Lab) 138. We don’t meet every week, so if you want to come by, check with us first (21centurysci at gmail dot com)!