21ST Century Scientists Working Group

September 11th 2017

Rose Eveleth: The Future is For Everyone

Rose Eveleth of Flash Forward is coming to UIUC for a public lecture, “The Future is for Everyone!”

Friday September 15, 3-4pm
Beckman Auditorium

How do we build futures and imagine tomorrows that include everybody? Why do kitchens of the future still imagine women staying home and doing the cooking? Who really wants to live forever? Why do facial recognition systems fail to see people of color? Too often our imagined tomorrows are monochromatic. This talk will explore where science and technology come from, where they have taken us so far, and how to open the door for people who are imagining futures for everybody.

Rose Eveleth is a producer, designer, writer and animator based in Brooklyn. Eveleth also produces two highly-acclaimed podcasts, Flash Forward and ESPN’s 30 for 30. She’s dabbled in everything from research on pelagic invertebrates to animations about beer to podcasts about fake tumbleweed farms. These days, she explores how humans tangle with science and technology. Eveleth is best known for her work in BBC Future, Motherboard, Story Collider, and Lady Bits.