21ST Century Scientists Working Group

March 20th 2015

21sci Workshop Spotlight: Photographic Storytelling

The 21st Century Scientist Workshop is comprised of three workshops and a panel of experts to help you think about the craft of communication, crafting a community, changing the world, and how to leverage your scientific education and training into a wonderful career. We hope you join us April 17th!

Workshop spotlight: Photographic Storytelling


Room 5602, Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

Professor Brian Johnson, Journalism, University of Illinois

Workshop description: Digital photography can play a major role in any research project, and the impact of images can be heightened with solid understanding of the foundations and methodology of the medium. This session explores how to use digital photography for storytelling and research project documentation. Composition, framing, aspects of effective photographic communication and story planning and concepts will be discussed. Please bring the camera you normally work with, even if you just use the camera in your smart phone, to the session.

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