21ST Century Scientists Working Group

March 30th 2015

21sci Workshop Spotlight: Talking Politics

The 21st Century Scientist Workshop is comprised of three workshops and a panel of experts to help you think about the craft of communication, crafting a community, changing the world, and how to leverage your scientific education and training into a wonderful career. We hope you join us April 17th!

Workshop spotlight: Talking Politics


Room 5602, Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

Dr. Miriam Goldstein, marine biologist and Legislative Assistant to Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Workshop description:┬áMiriam Goldstein will begin her afternoon workshop with an overview of how to communicate with politicians: what information do they use? How should you prepare to speak with them? What is an “ask” and how can you develop a good one? Who is your audience? What can politicians do and what can’t they do? The rest of the workshop will be a demonstration, in which participants will have mock meetings with Dr. Goldstein, in which she will ably play the part of the politician, they will lobby for their chosen issue, and other attendees will discuss, critique, and suggest new approaches.

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