21ST Century Scientists Working Group

March 24th 2015

21sci Workshop Spotlight: Value-Engaged Approaches to Building a Community

The 21st Century Scientist Workshop is comprised of three workshops and a panel of experts to help you think about the craft of communication, crafting a community, changing the world, and how to leverage your scientific education and training into a wonderful career. We hope you join us April 17th!


Workshop Spotlight: Value-Engaged Approaches to Building a Community


Room 5602, Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

Professor Ayesha Tillman, Education, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Professor Kate Clancy, Anthropology, University of Illinois

Workshop description: How does one create an intentional, engaged community with a shared set of values, mores, and codes? How does a group develop and set goals? These questions are of central importance to the overlapping science, science outreach, and science communication communities, especially as we work together for change. In this workshop, we will use the 21st Century Scientist Working Group as a case study, applying the logic model to identify the inputs, outputs, and needs of the group, and thus its best practices. Participants will leave the workshop with a clear model for how to create engaged communities with aligned values in their own workplaces and groups.

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