21ST Century Scientists Working Group

January 31st 2018

Journal Club Monday, February 5!

We’ll be having journal club this Monday, February 5 with Sarah Skinner!

This will be during our normal meeting time at noon in 4369 Beckman Institute.


Sarah will presenting on Erdt et al, 2017: Analyzing researchers’ outreach efforts and the association with publication metrics: A case study of Kudos.

Feel free to come even if you have not read the paper. Hope to see you there!

November 9th 2017

Journal Club Monday, November 13!

We’ll be having journal club this Monday November 13 with Isabel Ferraz Musse!

This will be during our normal meeting time at noon in 4369 Beckman Institute.


Isabel will presenting on McClain, 2017 “Practices and promises of Facebook for science outreach: Becoming a ‘Nerd of Trust.'” 

Feel free to come even if you have not read the paper. Hope to see you there!

October 6th 2017

Story Collider is Coming to UIUC–Oct 19 and 20!


October 19, 2017, 7-9 PM,  Blackbird at 119 W. Main St., Urbana IL

Get swept up in a hurricane and laugh at some monkey business–join us for five true, personal stories about the deeply human side of science. This special show is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the University of Illinois Office of the Chancellor, 21st Century Scientists Working Group, the Beckman Institute, the Institute for Genomic Biology, the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, the School of Earth, Society, and Environment, the School of Integrative Biology, and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Stories by Alyssa Kealohl Loving, Dr. Deanna Hence, Dr. Felipe Menanteau, Dr. Laura Shackleford, and Dr. Michelle Rodrigues.

Please RSVP (free) so we know you’re coming!


Public talk and reception by Liz Neeley, Executive Director of Story Collider

October 20, 3-5 PM, Beckman Auditorium/Atrium (talk at 3 pm in the Beckman Auditorium, reception to follow at 4 pm in the Atrium).

Storytelling is among the most hyped and least appreciated concepts in public engagement. For many audiences, stories are more interesting, understandable, convincing, and memorable than evidence-focused communications – and these qualities are often highlighted in science communication discussions. But stories are too often approached simply as convenient vehicles for educational content. They are not merely products, but also processes for humans to collectively resolve ambiguity and construct meaning, They change their listeners and their tellers. This talk will explore research on storytelling and persuasion, highlight the value of personal stories in science, and critically consider how and why busy researchers might approach adding something like “narrative competency” to their repertoire.

September 11th 2017

Rose Eveleth: The Future is For Everyone

Rose Eveleth of Flash Forward is coming to UIUC for a public lecture, “The Future is for Everyone!”

Friday September 15, 3-4pm
Beckman Auditorium

How do we build futures and imagine tomorrows that include everybody? Why do kitchens of the future still imagine women staying home and doing the cooking? Who really wants to live forever? Why do facial recognition systems fail to see people of color? Too often our imagined tomorrows are monochromatic. This talk will explore where science and technology come from, where they have taken us so far, and how to open the door for people who are imagining futures for everybody.

Rose Eveleth is a producer, designer, writer and animator based in Brooklyn. Eveleth also produces two highly-acclaimed podcasts, Flash Forward and ESPN’s 30 for 30. She’s dabbled in everything from research on pelagic invertebrates to animations about beer to podcasts about fake tumbleweed farms. These days, she explores how humans tangle with science and technology. Eveleth is best known for her work in BBC Future, Motherboard, Story Collider, and Lady Bits.

August 4th 2017

Story Collider is coming to UIUC–and we need YOUR story!

Stories are powerful. Whether hilarious or heartbreaking, subversive or soothing, they reflect who we are and what matters to us. As a community, it deeply matters who takes the stage and what stories are told. We want to hear yours!

On October 19, 2017, The Story Collider will host a very special Urbana-Champaign edition of our live show in partnership with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We believe science and technology shape all of our lives – and this means all of us have stories about science. We are searching for five people to share their true, personal experiences.

Your story might be about anything – an important experiment, a bad day at the hospital, a childhood misadventure, love, loss, and more. Exotic locations and exciting action never hurt, but what we care about is how you’ve changed and grown. Our experienced producers will help you develop and prepare to tell your story – all you need to do is send a brief email describing the core idea.

Send your pitch to stories@storycollider.org with “UIUC Story Idea” in the subject. UIUC graduate students, faculty, and research scientists are all welcome! The deadline for pitches is August 18, 2017. If you are curious or would like some inspiration, read more at https://www.storycollider.org/submissions or browse The Story Collider podcast archive.