21ST Century Scientists Working Group

April 7th 2016

Meet our speakers: Dr. Danielle Lee

Ddanielle_leer. Danielle N. Lee is a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University, TED fellow, and world-renowned scientist communicator. Dr. Lee will give a research talk on April 28. At the 21st Century Scientist Workshop, Dr. Lee will lead a workshop and give the keynote presentation.

Research talk, Thursday, April 28
Title: African giant pouched rats as a new behavioral model: examination of natural history, reproductive biology, and individual behavioral differences

21sci workshop, Friday, April 29
9-10:30 Workshop
Building a personal bridge: connecting your science to your communities
Workshop description: Dr. Lee will discuss her own path from her science to the communities with which she identifies. She will help workshop participants brainstorm and own their identities outside of science, and use those identities to motivate their science outreach work. Workshop participants will leave this session with a sense of their mission, a realistic idea of the constraints they face, the medium that best suits their message, and an action plan to implement future outreach and communication work.

3pm Keynote, public talk
Doing the work of broadening participation in science
Talk description: Dr. Lee will discuss her own personal and academic trajectory that landed her in the world of pouched rats, and what it taught her about doing the work of bringing more underrepresented minorities into STEM. She will share her perspective and answer questions about how to actively, not passively, create an anti-discrimination, inclusive environment for scientists to recruit and retain scientists of color.


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