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March 14th 2016

Recap: Journal Club- Who’s been blogging?

“Research Blogs and the Discussion of Scholarly Information” Shema et al., 2012

Shema and colleagues wanted to examine what types of people were writing scientific blog posts and what topics were drawing the most attention. They collected information from an online aggregator of science-related blog posts. The results showed that writers most likely to blog were men, had a Ph.D. or were graduate students, and were affiliated with an academic institution. Shema also examined the topics of these blog posts and the academic journal articles the authors cited. While most of the academic papers published in 2010 were in medicine, sciences, and computer science, most of the blog posts were written about life sciences and psychology. Although the paper has many inherent biases and is a bit out of date it begins to ask some interesting questions about bloggers.

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